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The Golden Dustman, Noddy Boffin, the eponymous hero of Charles Dickens' novel 'Our Mutual Friend or The Golden Dustman', was in what today would be called 'the recycling business'. Little was wasted in Victorian times and money could be made out of sorting and reselling 'dust'.

His many years of dutiful service were rewarded, on his master's death, with the inheritance of his own dust heap. This was wealth indeed. It raised Mr Boffin to a life of financial independence and ease. For the way he conducted himself in this new life, you will have to read the book.

Meanwhile I hope you find items to value and cherish among the dust heap you find spread before you, which includes images and photographs of the Norfolk Broads, the Rhineland, wildlife, birds and animals, Scotland and gargoyles at Rufford.

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